1.  Once  you receive my test score, how long does it take to notify the state about the course credits?

A.When your test score is received, we send out a certificate, which is dated the day the incoming mail was postmark, your' responsible for reporting those credits on our own, with the exception of Laboratory students, who are  reported to PACE ,Healthcareonlinecollege.com several times a year.  Florida radiology students are also reported on a monthly basis..

2.  What are the State Requirements for receiving my license?

A.  State requirement differ from state to state, and by discipline.  If you are not sure what your requirement are, it is best always suggested to check with your licensing board..You may also check your State requirement from our list at healthcareonlinecollege.com.

3.  Do the courses have any time requirements?

A.  We prefer that you send your answer sheet back to us within a year from ordering your course.  If you have had your course on an outstandting period of time, there is a possibility that your licensing board had change the amount of contact hours. particular course is worth.  Contact hours are assigned by the licensing board, not us.

4.  What is the difference between a "booklet" course and "text book and exam"?

A.  A "booklet" is a packet that includes all of the necessary information for you to take the course.  They are generally shorter courses than text book courses.  Text book courses come with text book and a packet of questions for you to answer.  They generally take a little longer to complete than the booklet courses, but many students like these courses to build up their personal library.

5.  How do you choose how many C.E.U's a course is worth?

"A.  The amount of C.E.U.'s a course is worth is determined by the approving board (licensing board).

6.  Is my course still good after the "expiration date" on the scantron?

A.  Courses are still good after they pass the "expiration dates" listed,  The "expiraton date" is the date that  scheduled to go through renewal with the licensing board.  If your course has passed the expiration date listed on the answer sheet, that means your course has gone through renewal and the contact hours are subject to change.  Current course posted on our website.  "Not all answer sheets have an expiration date printed on them.;;.  

7.  Why are contact hours for radiology different for Florida and ASRT (ARRT)?

A.  We renew our courses every year with the ASRT and the Florida Department of Health.  We have different renewal dates, two boards (Florida being a bit later in most cases).  When we renew a course with Florida, they usually change the CEU's  reflect what ASRT has approved for that same course.

8.  Why are there different hours listed between different states for the same rerspiratory courses?

A. California, Ohio and Washington are approved under the California Nursing Board, which has different requirements through (National Approval).  The credit hours reflect the requirements of the approving board they are under.

9.  How often do you report respiratory therapist completion to the AARC?

A.  We turn in a list of "R.T.'s(Respiratory Therapists) to the AARC every month.

10-  Why do Nursing and  Respiratory share some of the same courses?

A.  We like to offer as many courses as we can.  Nursing and Respiratory have a few courses that are relevant and useful to professions.  Please note that between these disciplines, including their approving boards, the contact hours are different reason,  for this,  is that there are different education requirements depending on the profession and state that the student licensed in, so the hours are approved accordingly.

11.  For Florida licensees, do you report course completions to CE Broker?

A.  Yes.  Everyone with a Florida address is automatically reported to the CE Broker.  Licensees living outside of Florida, but courses for their Florida license, must tell us the cources are for their Florida license, or they must report to them to CE Brokers themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions
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