BLOG - Health Care Connection

BLOG - Health Care Connection


by Elena Farinas on 05/14/11


Millions of people suffer from allergies caused by everyday exposures to agents such as dust mites, cat dander, and pollens. Agents encountered by  workers can also cause allergic problems  such as asthma, nasal and sinus allergies, hives, and even severe anaphlylactic reactions.  Examples of these work-related agents include animal proteins, enzymes, flour, natural rubber latex, and certain reactive chemicals.  Asthma is one of the more serious problems that can be caused by work related allergy. It can cause recurrent attacks of symptoms such as wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and coughing.  In servere cases, these symptoms can be disabling.  Fortunately, when potential hazardss are recognized, work-related allergies and asthma can often be prevented or their effects minimized. "Articles from CDC-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention"

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by Elena Farinas on 11/07/10

One day I was browsing for informations on Aging for my elderly friend and was elated to find that the US National Institute of Health under the National Institute of Aging has searchable database lists of more than 300 national organizations that provide help to older people.  I found important subject topics and organizations that I will be able to help my friend needs as well as others seniors.

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BLOG - Healthcare Connection

by Elena Farinas on 11/06/10

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